Construction and Technology go Hand in Hand

Construction and Technology go Hand in Hand

Technology plays a fundamental role in the construction industry, it is what has allowed us to build big magnificent structures.  It is the tools we use to design and build most buildings today, customers can know exactly what their home or building will look like before the foundation ever gets poured.  3D models and pricing software gives us the chance to remain competitive and keep costs in line.  Here are some of the ways construction and technology go hand in hand.


Any construction project has different people working on different aspects and on a big project the people working can number in the hundreds.  Coordinating all of this without some type of software is nearly impossible.  With communication technology and project management software getting the right work orders to the right people is no longer a problem.  The crew can get to their assigned task easily and at the right time.

CAD Drawings and Computer Modeling

Not so long ago all construction plans were done with pen and paper.  Architects and engineers would spend weeks putting together a design and making changes meant starting all over again.  It was difficult for the client to visualize the project based on the architectural drawings.  Today with computer aided design weeks’ worth of work can be done in an afternoon and changes are easily made.  The client can easily see the architect’s vision with the use of 3D renderings.  In addition to this, the software can also calculate how much material is needed along with the cost.

Construction Software

Construction software can help you get through all aspects of the project from planning to execution.  It can help you price out and bid on jobs, it can calculate material costs as well as how much labour will be required.  It can handle scheduling such as when plumbers or electricians should be on site so the project isn’t held up while you are waiting for a subcontractor.  Construction software can help you drastically cut costs by using more accurate calculations in building materials.

Laser and GPS Technology

It wasn’t that long ago that builders used tape measures along with string to mark out and measure the boundary lines of the construction site.  Fortunately those days are done and today we have lasers and GPS technology that is more accurate and faster.  There is no more guesswork and you can save both time and material getting things right the first time.