Building Permits

Are you thinking about doing new construction to your home? Maybe a sundeck? Or a tool shed? Or you want to go so far as to put in a pool. Very exciting endeavors that will bring joy to your family for years to come. But in the excitement did you overlook the need to obtain the proper permits for your new project? Well you may think it’s my own property why should I get a permit? Well the answer is very simple, and could lead you away from a very costly mistake. Not every piece of property is zoned for every type of construction project. While you may think you live on a residential plot, and all the amenities that come with being a resident are free to you, this might not be the case.

Home blueprints

For instance; are there utilities running underneath your property that you were not aware of? While installing a foundation for an outside AC unit for a Phoenixville air conditioning project, a PA based HVAC company later learned that there were sewer lines beneath their work. Most residential plots at City Hall have maps and grids of everything that was on or underneath your property. The problem with that though is that very few people actually research this before they buy a new home. As consumers we are thrilled with our new purchases, but don’t really go through the needed research to make sure we’re getting exactly what we wanted. And as a consequence there maybe underground gas or water lines, or even cable lines that can’t be breached by digging.

sewer lines

This is the information you really need to know when purchasing a home if you’re thinking about building on it in the future. Many people choose to dig or build without obtaining the proper permits, and find out during the next inspection that the new structure is out of code. Then you have to spend lots of money to rebuild or even remove the newest prize possession. So the safest and most economical way to start a new project, is to go down to your local municipal office and obtain zoning permits or building permits for your new project. Once these are submitted, the proper research will be done for you and once they come back clean, you will be free to build all you want. If there is a reason why you cannot build, your local county clerk will make you aware of such instances. Better to be safe than sorry.

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